Writer's Block: Take the pain away

Dear Mrs. A,

I never got over the hell you put me through from 4th to 7h grade. Do you remember when you called me to your desk and repeated about five times that you "just didn't know what to do with me anymore"? In front of the whole class? My eyes were brimmed with tears and you just kept going, all because I had difficulty with my mathwork. I was a good student and a polite child, but that didn't matter. Instead of being patient and helping me understand, you gave up after your second try and publicly branded me a failure. I can pretty much pinpoint that incident as the moment my academic development froze. I was never afraid of asking for help before I entered your classroom, but now I won't ask questions because I'm too afraid. I'll turn red and stutter if I'm asked to answer a math question out loud and I'll shake if I have to work it on the blackboard. My heart beats a mile a minute when the teacher is deciding who to call on- the relief of hearing another name is absolutely undescribable. You're the reason my voice is so soft- I'm scared of speaking loudly and saying something stupid. You turned my life into a game of Avoid Ridicule and permanently tuned my mind to no-win. And you bullied me overtime when the children at school were already tearing me apart.

You were never in the room when they said I was ugly.

You were never paying attention when they threw things at me.

You were chatting to your colleagues when the kids excluded me from their games.

I spent some time sitting on the staircase during recess, Mrs. A. Do you remember? I do; it was a sad way to spend my 12th birthday. I'll forever credit you with using my most impressionable years to make me believe I'm a failure. If there's anything valuable you taught me, though, it's to never judge others or make them feel bad. Now I help others whenever I can and treat them as equals. I'll defend anyone who's being mistreated because no one deserves the heartache.

testing an LJ-cut

This probably didn't work and the image may catch your eye seeing as it's probably not behind a cut. That's why I chose to use something adorable as my backup, you can't get mad looking at them! Now if it did work, savour Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie while simoutaneously enjoying the fact that I can make an lj-cut. I probably can't, though.

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Writer's Block: Set Sail

Spike and Angel, President Roslin and Gaius Baltar, Harry and Hermione—shippers often find pairings that the original author might have overlooked. What coupling of fictional characters would you most like to see?
Talk about curing my writer's block. Good on Livejournal, what an excellent prompt!
Now, the first one doesn't count because
a) the romance was real, and
b) so were the people,
but still- Bosie/Oscar started everything. They flipped my switch, baby, gave me the keys to the land of gaydom! It was a definite bonus to the terrific writing, but it was a shame Bosie messed everything up. What a tit.

My 2nd pairing, whom I don't really ship anymore, but still, was Jimmy MacElroy/Chazz Michael Michaels. I watched Blades of Glory  in the cinema a total of four times, six if you count the plane ride times. No one bought my story about watching it for the acting because no one is that retarded.

John Lennon/Paul McCartney isn't fictional either, but they're in my list anyways because the pairing is absolutely epic! It's fun to isolate insinuative tidbits from interviews and pictures where they look like lovers- makes you feel like a pervy detective.

And who hasn't been shipping Vince/Howard once their kiss made it canon? Great if you shipped beforehand, but after 'Party' you've got absolutely no excuse not to.

Same with Moss/Roy, although Graham Linehan has ( intentionally or not  ) been dropping subtle little clues throughout the previous series... Or maybe that's just me justifying the fact that I've been waiting for some IT action since the first episode. Probably, yeah D:

About House/Wilson: Hugh Laurie said it was a possibility, so it would practically be a disservice to him if I didn't ship! I like to do my part, so I do <3 Besides, have you seen the way Wilson stands when he's near House? The hands-on-hips pose is shows dominance/attraction, or at least it's a theory I've read and believed in ever since.

Adding another real pairing into the mix, Ryden ( Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross ) is the second best thing to come from Panic at the Disco. They've even acted it out onstage, the sweethearts <3

Pop! goes my journalcherry

My first real journal, right, and I have nothing nice to say in it! I've actually got tons of things to do but I'm not geting any of it done... It doesn't add up ( unless you count the part when I stop doing the work and go watch television, then it adds up quite accurately ) . I'll try to do something productive for a change. And I swear it won't involve calling the new emergency services number- I stopped calling after the fifth time when nobody answered! XD 

I might go buy a book called 'Submarine' at Barnes&Noble today, so that's nice! I'll jump straight out of the computer and hug the first person who correctly guesses where I became acquainted with it.
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